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Experienced Attorney Representation

Just what does that mean? "Experienced Attorney Representation." When you hire an attorney, you are hiring a person to represent you in all aspects of your case. Whether negotiating the terms of a six-figure insurance settlement, exploring the potential for lesser or dismissed charges with a district attorney or making an impassioned closing augment to a jury at trial, your attorney has your future in his or her hands.

At Premo Law Firm PLLC, our attorney, Brian D. Premo is a lawyer you can trust with your future. More than three decades of success in and out of the courtroom demonstrates he has what it takes to protect your interests and obtain the best possible outcome for your situation.

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More Than Just Experience

Bringing any criminal defense or personal injury case to trial, whether in New York or anywhere in the country, demands more than simply understanding the rules of court procedure. A legal trial is an intimate experience. Your attorney must understand every element of your facts and be able to translate that set of facts into a compelling argument for you receiving compensation for damage suffered in a personal injury case, or why the prosecutor has failed to prove the case against you in a criminal trial.

Brian Premo knows how to do that. He takes the time to learn those details and can clearly bring them to life for a jury or judge. We are always meticulous in our trial preparation, knowing the law and facts, but we also make your facts "real," demonstrating just how your life has been changed by the injuries you suffered or how the prosecutor's arguments and evidence have not proven the elements of the crime.

We Never Forget The Human Side Of The Equation

In a serious legal case, it is easy to get lost among the legal minutiae and dollar figures. We get to know our clients as much more than a set of facts. We know that for you, your case is the most important legal proceeding in the world. And take that fact most seriously.

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