A DWI Charge Is Not A Minor Charge

For many people, their first encounter with law enforcement comes as the result of a traffic stop involving suspected alcohol use. Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a crime. In New York, the penalties have been enhanced during the last few decades and some alcohol-related crimes can lead to felony charges, $10,000 fines and up to seven years in prison.

A DWI Charge Is Easier To Receive Than You May Think

Everyone is different. We all have different abilities. One person may have three or four drinks after work and show no sign of impairment, while someone else may exhibit clear impairment after their first glass. In New York, more than 60,000 tickets related to impairment are issued in a year. Our attorney, at Premo Law Firm PLLC, can assess your situation during a free initial consultation and explain your legal options.

Was Your Breath Test Accurate?

Because of the social stigma surrounding alcohol and driving, police are under pressure to enforce the laws and "stop drunk driving." However, given all of the variables relating to impairment, a .08 reading on a breathalyzer may not make for an open-and-shut case.

These devices are not foolproof and can produce inaccurate readings for many reasons, including improper calibration and maintenance, how the test was administered and individual's physical variability. Additionally, field sobriety tests contain much that is subjective and depending on the officer's training and experience, may not be conclusive.

Ignition Interlock Device Requirement

In New York, an ignition interlock requirement accompanies even a first offense. You are required to pay for the installation and the monthly maintenance fee for the device in every vehicle you drive. An ignition interlock device is essentially breath testing device that is installed in your vehicle. You must provide a breath sample before you start your vehicle and at random points during your journey.

Cumulative Nature Of DWI Penalties

The penalties for successive convictions become more severe. This is why every DWI, drug-impaired or DUI charge needs to be recognized as serious and a threat to your ability to drive. Bad luck and bad timing can conspire to turn one DWI into two or three and cause significant complications to your life. For commercial drivers, it is even more of a threat, as the legal limit is .04 and arrests while driving your own vehicle can cost you your CDL and your livelihood.

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