A Former Prosecutor Defending Your Drug Charges

Drug charges in New York vary greatly. You could be facing a minor possession charge for a small amount of marijuana. Or you could be charged with drug trafficking involving kilos of heroin, cocaine, meth or other illegal substances. The outcome of a conviction of these charges would likely be very different. But even a minor possession charge can carry long-term consequences that could haunt your future.

Drug Charges Cast A Long Shadow

At the Premo Law Firm PLLC, our attorney recognizes that even minor drug charges demand an aggressive defense. While one minor drug possession charge might not damage you forever, if there are additional charges in the future, the effects of multiple convictions can be devastating.

Additionally, the "war on drugs" has led to a very aggressive stance by law enforcement and prosecutors toward these cases. They may charge cases involving questionable evidence, procedures that may violate the Constitution, and the use of "overcharging" a crime.

"Overcharging" Could Leave You Paying A High Price

Overcharging occurs when prosecutors structure cases so that there are multiple charges arising from the same set of facts. Each set of charges may carry separate penalties, allowing the "piling on" of sentences, making it risky for the accused to go to trial to defend themselves.

An aggressive defense can uncover weaknesses in the prosecutor's case, including the evidence or charges that may be questionable. Our attorney has more than 30 years practice experience, worked as a prosecutor and knows the behavior of law enforcement and prosecutors. We understand which elements of a case are most difficult to prove and how to weaken them. We work to have problematic evidence stricken and charges dismissed or reduced.

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