You Need An Attorney To Deal With A Personal Injury

There are no convenient personal injury accidents. They never come at a good time and they can completely disrupt your life. In reality, they are not even accidents. They are someone's negligence, which can leave you with chronic pain or discomfort that may never go away or get better. In the worst cases, they can leave you with permanent physical and mental injuries that demand round-the-clock medical care for the rest of your life.

More Than 30 Years Of Personal Injury Experience In New York

Our attorney at Premo Law Firm PLLC understands these matters. We know the amount of work that goes into building a successful personal injury case. And we know how much it matters to our clients. Because these cases are rarely resolved easily, we take the time to get to know our clients and truly grasp that impact a serious injury from a car crash has on your life.

We understand the importance of gathering the evidence of the negligence, the types of injuries suffered and how those injuries will alter your life. We work to develop an accurate calculation of the full effect of the accident injury, including medical expenses, ongoing care and therapy, effects on your earning ability and any other costs you will endure because of the injury.

Complex Cases Demand An Experienced Attorney

Personal injury cases are complex. From filing before the statute of limitations deadline to making closing arguments to a jury, a personal injury case is an immense operation, requiring the orchestration of many disparate parts. Our attorney has handled many of these cases during his three decades of legal practice and this experience matters to you.

Insurance companies employ dozens of attorneys to protect their interests and their primary interest is ensuring the claims they pay are as small as possible. Our attorney understands their tactics and knows how to aggressively protect your interests throughout the claim's process and works to maximize your recovery.

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