Hurt In An Automobile Or Motorcycle Accident?

For many people, driving an automobile, motorcycle or truck is the riskiest activity they will engage in during their lives. In most parts of New York, a vehicle is essential to everyday life. And that necessity is one reason they are so dangerous. We often habituate to an activity we perform regularly, and Americans average more than three trillion miles per year in vehicles.

With all that exposure, car accidents are an everyday occurrence. Serious injuries and fatalities are also far too common. More than 100 people die per day in the U.S. At Premo Law Firm PLLC, we know how disorienting the aftermath of any crash can be. An injury can range from a bruise or soreness to a severe, life-changing traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage that can leave you paralyzed and in need of constant medical assistance.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend

Despite their comforting advertising, after a serious automobile accident, insurance companies are more interested in their profitability than your well-being. Our attorney has more than 30 years of experience handling complex cases involving automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents.

Crashes, when examined closely, rarely are "accidents." They result from a driver's negligence, whether distracted by a smartphone, eating or daydreaming, and that negligence can leave you with a lifetime of medical issues. Our attorney understands how to investigate these cases to determine who is responsible and works to ensure that you receive the compensation you need to recover some semblance of normality in your life.

Serious Injuries Demand Full Compensation

We also know that for the most severe injuries, life will never be "normal." Brain injuries can make it impossible for some to return to the previous occupations, chronic pain may make even ordinary task difficult and injuries to limbs or the spinal cord can fundamentally alter every aspect of your life. We work to create the fullest, most accurate picture of what your life will look like going forward and the type of care and treatment you will need.

We learn the details of your life and that of your family so we can demonstrate in court how your life has changed and recover the compensation necessary to provide for you and your family.

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