Pre-Arrest Investigation

Know All About Prearrest Investigation

How Long Does a Prearrest Investigation Last for?

The extent of prearrest investigations depends on the complexity of the case. While cases like a bar brawl may not require a thorough investigation, complicated cases that involve DNA testing could have investigations lasting for months or even years before an arrest is made.

Some of the complicated investigations involve allegations of sexual abuse, murder or financial crimes. White collar investigations such as financial fraud also have very long paper trials. Basically, any investigation that requires the subpoenaing of a significant number of documents or multiple witness interviews can take many months or more than a year.

Learn More About Search Warrants

Search warrants are one of the main methods by which law enforcement officers conduct investigations. However, in order to be able to obtain search warrants, the police would have to be able to establish probable cause that there is evidence of criminal activity that could be obtained as a result of conducting a search of the specified location or property.

In most events of conducting investigations, police need to apply for a search warrant to a judge and have a judge find that there is probable cause to believe that the search could result in evidence of some kind of criminal activity.

The police don't need to prove that you committed a crime in order to be able to search your car or house. They just need to be able to establish that they have some reason to believe that the area that they want to search has some crime evidence of the crime and they must limit their search area to a narrow location.

Once they're able to establish that to a judge, they can get a search warrant and use any evidence that they obtain to prosecute a suspect. Need to learn more about prearrest investigations? Schedule a FREE consultation with the attorney at Premo Law Firm PLLC.


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