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30 Years of an Exceptional Legal Career

In his legal practice spanning 30 years, Brian Premo of Premo Law Firm PLLC has won various significant cases. Not so while ago, in 2012, Brian Premo obtained a not guilty verdict (and dismissal) of a 74 count Indictment against a County Board of Elections Commissioner in the highly-publicized Troy “Voter Fraud” scandal, in a seven-week retrial following a nine-week mistrial earlier in the year. Brian Premo obtained that result without calling a single defense witness.
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Highly Notable Cases Fought By Mr. Brian Premo

  • Five million five hundred thousand dollars ($5,500,000.00) recovery for contractor injured in electrical shock incident at paper mill (Albany County)
  • Closure of criminal investigation of store owner who shot to death a burglar outside his store, without an arrest or Grand Jury presentation (Rensselaer County)
  • Prevented threatened filing of baseless criminal charges and wrongful political discharge of a city police chief in retaliation for his disciplining of police officers for the sexual harassment of his department’s first female officer and other misconduct (Rensselaer County)
  • One million dollars ($1,000,000.00) recovery for estate of a Utica mother instantly killed in highway accident which, according to the testimony of the insurance adjuster and Nevada defense attorney had a trial value of no more than $400,000.00 (U.S. District Court, Dist. of Nevada)
  • Prevented threatened wrongful political discharge of a local public officer prevented and rescission of his coercive termination of employment contract (Saratoga County)
  • University computer administrator prosecuted by the Department of Justice for “pirating” copyrighted material was sentenced to probation and the payment of a relatively minimal amount in restitution (U.S. District Court, Dist. of Connecticut)
  • Disposition of broad-scoped Attorney General investigation of used car dealer for alleged substantial consumer fraud resolved without arrest or prosecution of primary target and favorable disposition of other family members (Albany County)
  • Alleged A-I felony possession of narcotics by passenger of represented vehicle owner resolved by misdemeanor conviction subsequent to fatal motor vehicle accident as a result of unsafe passing after large quantity of narcotics found inside vehicle door (Albany County)
  • One million dollars ($1,000,000.00) recovery for elderly man for amputation after abdominal aortic aneurysm resection (Saratoga County)
  • Recovery of significant monetary damages and corrective action for the sexual harassment of a City’s first and only female officer (U.S. District Court, N. Dist. of New York)
  • Diversion of federal charges against Canadian resident to state court and a sentence of probation transferred to Quebec in a complex international/interstate narcotics distribution case that related to prior case involving death of federal informant (Clinton County)
  • Acquittal of forcible rape charges against man convicted of lesser charge based on his admission when represented by prior counsel (Albany County)
  • Obtained decision establishing state law holding that plea agreement requiring a female police officer’s resignation in return for dismissal of criminal charges is contrary to public policy and invalid, resulting in her reinstatement (Columbia County)
  • Acquittal of defendant charged with attempted murder and robbery for alleged “hit” of victim shot “point blank” in the chest (Albany County)
  • Dismissal of charges filed against father in nationally publicized tragic death of newborn left in vehicle by sleep deprived parent (Albany County)
  • Three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000.00) recovery of homeowner policy limitation for boy mutilated by dog (Albany/Rensselaer County)
  • Prevented felony prediction and mandatory prison sentence for man with a California conviction for robbery prosecuted for felony assault of mounted police officer (Nassau County)
  • Obtained sentence of 1 year and a day for bookkeeper convicted of embezzling over 1 million dollars (U.S. District Court, N. Dist. of New York)
  • Representation of more than ten suspects in broad-scoped federal investigation of alleged public corruption resulting in no prosecution (U.S. District Court, N. Dist. of New York)
  • Reversal on appeal of state trooper’s conviction by decision limiting the admissibility of expert witness opinion (Saratoga County)
  • Defendant facing mandatory life imprisonment for drug conspiracy who escaped from the Rensselaer County jail sentenced to only 8 years (U.S. District Court, N. Dist. of New York)
  • Dismissal of charges in case of first impression and reported decision of Montgomery County Court holding that a father could not be prosecuted for kidnapping child in absence of court order granting sole custody to mother (Montgomery County)
  • After lengthy suppression hearing, client charged with over 22 pounds of cocaine seized from his vehicle and conspiracy to commit murder sentenced to 8 years to life and favorable disposition of charges against spouse after previous offer of 25 years to life and 12½ to 25 years consecutive (Albany County)
  • Favorable dispositions for several defendants in federal cocaine distribution case and later reduction in lengthy sentences of two defendants convicted at trial with other counsel (Troy Pizza case) (U.S. District Court, N. Dist. of New York)
  • Rabbi convicted of smuggling and distribution of narcotics into state prison sentenced to probation (U.S. District Court, N. Dist. of New York)
  • Prevented homicide charges and indictment of woman for alleged 'shaken baby' death with conviction of misdemeanor and sentenced to probation (Rensselaer County)


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